Rocco’s Heart – an HLHS Foundation, INC.
is working hard to make a difference.

Through generous donations of time, money, goods and services we are working to achieve our goals.

Rocco’s Heart has pledged to help fund research that will make a difference for children who have been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect.  Rocco was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, a rare and complicated defect.  Through study and research, medical options and methods of detection and treatment may evolve.  Through this progress and evolution more children and families will have the opportunity to survive and thrive despite their defect.  Many congenital heart defects are treatable, but more must be done to improve the methods of treatment and the options available to those with more serious afflictions and syndromes.

As an organization, Rocco’s Heart also works to support families as they seek treatment for their children and loved ones.  Numerous CHDs are managed through a serious of surgical procedures, careful medical treatment and monitoring and sometimes transplantation.  All of these options require a great deal of time and money.  More importantly, these decisions are difficult and may result in extended time away from the comfort and conveniences of home.  We maintain an effort to provide support to families during these journeys toward wellness.  In addition to monetary donations, please also consider gifts of items that may ease some of the burdens that these families face.  Specifically useful are gift cards for gasoline or meals (especially businesses that may offer delivery), calling cards, toiletries, journals, writing utensils or keepsake items.

Rocco’s Heart is working to establish a strong community presence and help to raise awareness of congenital heart defects.  Potential parents and families need to be aware of how frequently congenital heart defects may occur and what steps must be taken to help detect a possible defect.  Also, families must know what precautions may be taken to help ensure healthy growth and development throughout the pregnancy.  Through community events and fundraising efforts, we are working to help “spread the word” and get people talking about CHDs.

In order to continue our efforts and achieve our goals, Rocco’s Heart needs your help.  We are strictly a volunteer organization and work hard to make sure that monies raised go as far as they possibly can to help achieve our goals.  We continue to be amazed by the kindness and generosity of our community, friends, family and co-workers.  Please join our efforts – together we can make a difference!

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.
Rocco’s Heart – an HLHS Foundation, inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization